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GPS monitoring is a reliable tool that will enable you to constantly control vehicles, optimize costs, monitor fuel and improve employee performance. Based on modern on-line GPS locators, an advanced GPS monitoring platform is put into your hands. GPS monitoring has contributed to the reduction of fuel consumption by on average by 15% among our customers – it means tens of thousands PLN a year. Increase the efficiency of your vehicles to the next level - send an inquiry and get a personalized offer for GPS monitoring system of your vehicles.

Monitoring floty

Full control over each vehicle in the fleet, current location, monitoring of operational consumption and fuel levels, as well as the most accurate reporting database. Nowadays, vehicle fleet monitoring is a standard that will allow you not only to effectively manage the company, but also to optimise vehicle maintenance costs. What is fleet monitoring? How does it work and why does it pay off?

GPS Guardian fleet monitoring – how does it work?

GPS Guardian is a reliable way to minimise the costs of running a business and ensure the efficiency of drivers’ work. Current fuel consumption, engine speed control, location, stops and exact routes are just a fraction of things you can control. Thanks to online GPS systems, it is also possible to set alerts or reports directly to the e-mail inbox, which significantly streamlines administrative processes. Drivers will be relieved of the obligation to fill in reports, thus improving the company’s administrative systems.

What characterises our on-line GPS?

GPS Guardian is a reliable tool that allows you to fully control vehicles, optimise costs by reducing average fuel consumption by up to 15% and improve employee productivity. The GPS monitoring platform works based on modern on-line GPS locators that enable tracking all vehicles in the fleet, even in real time.

Why is it worth investing in vehicle fleet monitoring?

Unfortunately, in the case of some drivers, the determined driving route is still treated only as a suggestion, and their habits take precedence over the generally accepted standards in the company. Creating a faster and more economical route means significant savings in both time and money. That’s why it is extremely important that every driver is aware that they should choose the indicated route, because the road they travel will be fully controlled. The GPS Guardian application is a fast and reliable monitoring system, thanks to which it will be possible to react immediately in the event of any deviations.

Fleet monitoring is also extremely important in order to reduce operating costs. The ongoing updates of the technical condition of vehicles translates into a significant reduction in the risk of damage and breakdowns. The vehicle operation management module will take care of regular inspections and timely replacement of parts. Using individual settings, the system will remind you of each upcoming deadline.

The car fleet always generates a risk in the form of refusal to be held liable for any damage caused by inattentive drivers, who make an excuse of using a different vehicle within the period in question. Thanks to additional solutions, GPS Guardian allows you to program the identification module. It enables generating an individual report from the assigned duties. The transmitter connects to the vehicle’s ignition and identification system to prevent unauthorised activation.

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