Working time registration

Reliable preparation and analysis of sheets, data from driver cards or time sheets requires the involvement of your drivers and employees. Such settlement is not only time-consuming job but additionally extremely susceptible to errors related to the human factor. All of this taken together reflects on productivity and – as a consequence – on your profits. Control driver working time quickly and efficiently.

Rejestracja i kontrola czasu pracy kierowców - GPS Guardian

Registration and settlement of driver working time

Driver working time records have been presented on the basis of the implementation done one year and a half ago. The customer came to us with the basic problems of owners of large fleets such as large operating costs and high expenses for fuel. So we started to work and we carried out an audit with the client and fined out that the problem is much wider. It turned out that drivers often use vehicles for private purposes during business hours. As a result the route to a customer was longer by 20-25% on average. This issue also caused that the company productivity decreased because they had to pay drivers for overtime. In fact, overtime should not be if the routes were well optimized and the control and settlement of employee working time had been implemented.

The next step in our activities was to match the ideal solution for the customer – the choice fell on GPS transmitters with connection to the CAN bus, driver identification  and communication terminal with full time recording. The hardware implementation lasted 24 hours then we conducted a series of on-line trainings with employees responsible for fleet management; we completed the training knowledge with our packages of additional materials. From that moment the company was equipped with the necessary fleet management tools (GPS transmitters with driver identification and work time registration system) which enabled the settlement of each driver from each hour worked and the way of vehicle operation. We recommended to inform all employees about this after the implementation. We also suggested the implementation of the incentive system – the ranking of drivers with the least average fuel consumption and the highest number of clients served. Such a solution was successful because the drivers did not have to spend time to calculate their mileage and working hours and they were also rewarded for the proper use of vehicles.

Driver time control

How is it important to check, record and account a driver working time? The client statement can be used for the answer: “To anyone who may be affected. GPS Guardian platform can be compared to a doctor and a medicine – our problem has been examined thoroughly first and a diagnosis was issued and then a number of devices were implemented contributed to improving the efficiency of our fleet. Registration and time records (along with information about operation) were implemented in 24 hours. Rikaline provided us with a service which was much more flexible than any driver time control system we have tried so far. We are a company that has passenger cars in the fleet managed by traders as well as tractor operators; the control over each of them was quite a challenge. For over 8 years we used three different monitoring systems and some of them were good but very expensive while the other ones offered quality of services far too poor and had access problems. It caused that our company was often exposed to losses. Thanks to the GPS Guardian location platform and the constant support of Rikaline specialists we were able to quickly implement dedicated reports and a dedicated employee time management system. Return on investment lasted 4 months and the first effects of implementation were already visible after one week only. We are very pleased that the number of road incidents decreased by 15% per annum. The important thing is that during the year the platform brought a lot of changes and new functionalities – it is important for us that the company we work with constantly develops. The customer service system was flexible and specifically answered every query – we are in constant contact with the sales team. I recommend GPS Guardian system to monitor and control the employee working time.”

Hi, my name is Jarek Navigator and I run GPS Guardian system. Together with our entire team we strive to make concepts such as M2M, GPS, GSM and telemetry no longer be an incomprehensible bunch of words only but technologies you can effectively use in your business. Our GPS Guardian solution will help you to meet the challenges associated with fleet management of cars, trucks or machines and allow to increase productivity and locate where your employees generate unnecessary costs.

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