GPS monitoring of machines and agricultural aircrafts

GPS monitoring of agricultural machines and planes is today a determinant of modernity and technological advancement of farms. It is also the necessity forced very often by circumstances and existing conditions. A locator of agricultural planes allows to perform even more precise agrotechnical operations. The solution in the form of monitoring also provides the route certainty performed by the machines and thus the efficiency of their work.

Monitoring GPS samolotów

Get the actual location of the machines and the exact route they travel through the air.


Large farms require a modern approach. GPS monitoring is ideal for agricultural aircrafts used there. This ensures that the seeds or plant protection have been carried out with the utmost accuracy.

Machine monitoring as the service for a man

In autumn 2012 the Lubuskie Land Aero Club used GPS transmitters and aircraft monitoring system third time in turn. The whole action included 12 machines spreading the anti-rabies fox vaccine in 7 provinces. Air planes flew over 1000 hours and distance about 200,000 km. In total it gives a distance of 5 times the Earth perimeter. The locators were mounted on An-2 planes which flew at the altitude of 180–220 meters. From the command headquarters level the aircraft monitoring allowed a detailed analysis of the performed activities and coordination with the air traffic control services and the air traffic services of the Polish Air Force. As you can see the machines monitoring is useful not only for agricultural purposes.

It should be added that the whole action contributed to the reduction of the number of fox infections to the marginal level. We are happy that we could have contributed to the increase of animal and human safety.


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