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Monitoring of fleet of delivery vans

Monitoring floty samochodów dostawczych

Company vehicles fleet monitoring including delivery vans is no longer a novelty but simply a standard and a necessity. Fleet monitoring system is the basic tool to optimize the costs of vehicle maintenance and operation and thus a way to improve the company performance and its financial condition. Therefore, fleet monitoring system is what should interest any entrepreneur who is aware of the existing conditions.

Company vehicles fleet monitoring is an effective control and increase iin efficiency

Fleet monitoring … what do you need for? Imagine that each of your employees has the habit to drive at high speed. Now think about how this driving way affects the operation of the vehicle – an engine consumes more quickly, fuel combustion increases dramatically. See how this single factor reduces the productivity of your company. However, these bad habits can be much more! Additionally, there is the risk that your fuel is stolen, vehicles are used for improper purposes and drivers take too long stops.

Opcjonalne funkcjonalności monitoringu GPS samochodów dostawczych

It is good you were interested in  GPS monitoring of vans – a way for your vehicles and your employees to work effectively. Current combustion, engine speed control, location, stops and accurate routes are just a fraction of the things you will start to control. We know that your time is extremely valuable so you can set up sending alarms or reports directly to your e-mail. Fleet monitoring using GPS is not just a control. It is also a tool used to speed up administrative processes – your drivers will be freed from filling out reports as well as fleet managers and accountants from decrypting handwritten documents.

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Thanks to GPS Guardian we have control over fuel expenses and we know our drivers do not break the law driving too fast and whether the technical condition of their cars allows to continue driving. I recommend GPS Guardian as a perfect tool for everyone who wants to have control over the entire fleet from behind their desk.

Krzysztof Chołuj - Hanarol company

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