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GPS tracking of elderly and children

Monitoring of children and the elderly

GPS monitoring of elderly and children

A GPS locator intended for a child or the elderly is an ideal solution in a situation where we want to obtain absolute certainty as to the location and security of our relatives. Small locator is practical and discreet. It provides effective monitoring and a chance to realistically increase the safety of children staying outside home as well as seniors who have, for example, problems with memory or orientation in the field. The GPS locator for people is also a great solution for monitoring other people including your company employees.

The GPS locator dispels any concerns


Monitoring of seniors and children and therefore people particularly exposed to danger related to independent living is an extremely practical solution. Thanks to that you will get rid of all fears and doubts about the whereabouts of your relatives. The disappearance of seniors and children is a fairly common phenomenon. A professional GPS locator will allow you to eliminate this type of threat in a simple and effective way.

Are you afraid for your children? Do you want to be sure that your loved ones are safe? Or maybe you are going to optimize your work by locating your employees? A GPS transmitter ideal for both a child and a senior is a practical solution to your problem. Below only a few of the many ways of people on-line monitoring through GPS will be displayed. Click one of them to find out how we can help you. GPS Locator is a simple way to increase the safety of children and the elderly.

GPS locators work on the basis of simple rules – just 2 steps: turn on a transmitter and log on the platform. From that moment you get the exact location of the monitored person (e.g. child or senior). The locator is discreet which makes it easy to hide. In addition, it has been equipped with a capacious battery and intelligent energy management system and works for a long time on a single charge. Person monitoring is also an effective way to prevent missing children and the elderly.

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