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GPS tracking for trucks

GPS tracking for trucks

“Returns”, “push water”, “savings”, “Go-Go Juice” – these are only a part of the CB radio terms defining the fuel from the theft. Now imagine how many ways of theft have been invented so far to which trucks are exposed. Thieves are just one element of the worries that fall on your shoulders – what about with late deliveries, long stops or the possibility to lose a cargo or a tractor itself? We know a way to prevent all these threats – truck monitoring.

We provide you with a Guardian GPS truck monitoring system. From the moment you start you will be able to control every drop of fuel, the current location of a vehicle on the map and its archived routes. You can equip every route with compulsory and forbidden zones. You have got full control – display the current status of a given vehicle (turnover, fuel level, temperature in the hold) and information from all additional sensors.

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The implementation of the GPS Guardian system has enabled us to achieve the main goal i.e. the cost reduction costs of fuel for trucks and unauthorized works performed by operators of construction machinery. In addition, thanks to this system, we were able to optimize the work of drivers and we simplified the formalities regarding settlements for performed work and raised the efficiency of every working hour.

Jacek Kułaga - President of the Board of PRIB

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