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GPS Tracker Guardian PRO

GPS Guardian PRO is simple to use GPS locator Designed for those who want to ensure the safety of their loved ones (including animals) or monitor the position of their vehicles valuable assets. Guardian PRO route recorders are GPS for people who need a stable and always ready device. Wroclaw, Warsaw, and maybe complete off-road - our GPS recorder will work in all conditions.

Stay in touch - built-in phone

GPS locators working in the GSM network have many advantages. Pressing the appropriate button is the only action that should be taken to quickly call the emergency number. Such a simple phone will work especially among the elderly or young children.”

Route recorder

Guardian PRO is also a perfect companion for long journeys. He will pass on to your current position from anywhere.” Guardian PRO trackers have already proved themselves in this role many times, especially during motorcycle expeditions, running events and mountain expeditions.”

Long battery life

The GPS Guardian PRO transmitter is equipped with an intelligent „data management system. You can also expand” Work-time recorder with an additional 5750 mAh or 11 500 mAh battery, so you can extend your work time up to 30 days on a single charge. Now you won’t be surprised by the lack of energy - you’ll always know your current position.”

Mobile access

You can check the position of any object from anywhere in the world. Just start the browser on your phone or tablet, from now on the GPS Guardian command center will be at your fin

Vehicle GPS locator

Tracking the route of any vehicle in real time is one of features that will enable you GPS Guardian PRO transmitter. All you have to do is start it with one button and place it in the car. From now on, you will have a complete set of position information and a simple and effective protection against theft. Additional information you’ll get is speed, distance, time and place of start.

86400 seconds per day

The GPS Guardian route recorder sends the position even every 1 second. The position is concentrated especially in the bends, so that the movement of the monitored object is presented in the most realistic way. Thanks to this function, the GPS GSM locator will check both on the route and in large cities ( Warsaw, Wrocław, Krakow).

Dust and water resistant

Guardian PRO tracker it was enclosed in a match-sized box. It is not afraid of bad conditions, it is resistant to rain, liquids, sand and dust, making it safe in every situation.

For special tasks

GPS Trackers from the Guardian series have gained the opinions of reliable detective trackers. Guardian PRO is a step forward. The built-in wiretapping function will be useful in many preventive situations, and the possibility of extended battery capacity will extend the working time. The use of a dedicated protective housing Protection GPS locator against difficult conditions.

The decision to cooperate with RIKALINE was and is a good choice. Special reports generated on request, monitoring of many objects in one window or a precisely selected offer to our needs, encourages us to develop cooperation with RIKALINE.

Mateusz - Wiceprezes

It was a great feeling to see the competitors fight on the route of Beskidzka 160 Na Raty. It is as if we and the competitors were taking part in the race. The ideal would be to equip each competitor with such a device. This is also important from the refereeing point of view since you can skip checkpoints. It will probably be most useful in competitions where very long distances have been planned, without particular marking of the route. The possibility of getting lost in a field unknown to him is greater then; GPS Guardian will help such a man locate and help him. One more application can be found, this time for those who love lonely hiking - comfort and safety on the route.”

Artur Kulesza organizator biegu Beskidzka 160 na raty.

A GPS locator from the GPS Guardian company enables quick intervention in Michał leaves the designated geo-fence zone and fast telefoniczny. GPS wyposażony jest w bardzo prostą funkcję telefonu. Na obudowie znajduje się tylko jeden przycisk przez co nie przysparza żadnych problemów z obsługą. Chciałbym podziękować firmie Rikaline za dożywotni darmowy abonament o platformy GPS Guardian.

Stefan Podmokły - Dyrektor ZSS nr 101 w Warszawie

77 x 47 x 20 [mm]
spare battery
1100 mAh / 3.7 replaceable battery
power consumptio
65 mA in standby
operating temperature
5% ~ 95%
2 Battery status and GSM/GPS LEDs
5 buttons
built-in microphone and speaker
8 MB
GSM module sensitivity
GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
GPS Channels
GPS Module
GPS module sensitivity
163 dB

The GPS Guardian is ready to go right out of the box. Keep track of your most valuable things!.

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